Daikin | VRV 5 Heat Recovery

Daikin | VRV 5 Heat Recovery

Initial details of a breakthrough in VRF technology have been revealed by Daikin Europe. The 5th generation heat recovery system is said to be set to greatly reduce the CO2 footprint of buildings.

Daikin seeks to deliver a comfortable, healthy indoor climate, keeping the total CO2 equivalent emissions as low as possible throughout the entire building lifecycle. The new VRV 5 Heat Recovery unit represents a significant milestone on this journey, with the introduction of the lower GWP refrigerant R-32 for larger commercial buildings, while keeping the VRV flexibility to cater for all types of indoor spaces, even very small areas.

The new VRV 5 Heat Recovery unit is described as representing the future of commercial HVAC-R, making a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of commercial buildings thanks to:

  • A major reduction of up to 71% in global warming impact by the adoption R-32, with a 68% lower GWP, and lower refrigerant charge compared to R-410A systems.
  • A higher real-life seasonal efficiency.
  • The highly efficient and comfortable 3-pipe heat recovery system, which recovers and recirculates heat among spaces with different thermal needs, and allows simultaneous heating and cooling operation, whatever the building’s orientation.
  • The integration of ventilation units to further contribute to an improved Indoor Air Quality and a healthier indoor environment.

A completely redesigned Branch Selector (BS) box incorporates Daikin’s Shîrudo technology, allowing installation in spaces down to 7m2 without complicated calculations or additional field-supplied refrigerant control measures. Daikin’s Web Xpress design software, combined with the Shîrudo technology, allows quick and easy system selection and design to suit any space. With a wide capacity range, up to a maximum of 75.8 kW, Daikin’s VRV 5 covers the needs of medium to large sized buildings with a single system.

A comprehensive range of specially designed R-32 VRV indoor units offers maximum flexibility for all room configurations. This includes Daikin’s signature ceiling mounted and suspended cassettes, slim, medium External Static Pressure (ESP), high ESP concealed ceiling units and wall mounted units. A choice of capacities ranging from 1.1 kw to 31.5 kw easily covers all possible room sizes.

Sustainability and innovation are integral elements of Daikin’s “Environmental Vision 2050”. The new VRV 5 Heat Recovery system responds to both, maximising building efficiency with a minimum environmental footprint. George Dimou, VRV Product Manager from Daikin Europe, comments: “As an industry leader we take the responsibility to drive the sustainable transformation of the HVAC-R market by providing a healthy and comfortable indoor environment with the power of air.

“As a trusted partner, we are acting now to establish long-term business relations with market stakeholders and customers, continuously supporting all efforts for achieving both our partners and our own sustainability goals.

“As a manufacturer, we have reduced waste through circular economy schemes like LOOP by Daikin and the development of innovative new solutions including VRV 5 with Shîrudo technology to further reduce our CO2 footprint.”

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