Charles River Associates and Grant UK release decarbonisation infographic

Charles River Associates and Grant UK release decarbonisation infographic

Global energy management consultant, Charles River Associates, has worked with Grant UK to publish an infographic that summarises the headline targets from the Heat and Buildings Strategy as well highlighting the challenges and opportunities involved with decarbonising home heating.

To coincide with the Government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy that was published in October, Grant UK has been working with Charles River Associates to co-author an infographic. The aim of this document is to encourage discussions about the heating market including the challenges and goals that must be overcome and achieved to reach net zero carbon targets. While many accept the need to reduce the carbon footprint of home heating systems, there is much conversation about how homes in Great Britain will achieve this and Grant UK is keen to support and engage with these discussions.

Charles River Associates is an energy consultant with an established presence in the energy sector and in many other industries. The co-authored infographic includes a high-level summary of the present heat and building emissions levels as well as the headline dates and incentives set by the Government on the road to net zero. It also covers three core areas where industry and ministers will need to concentrate including: scaling up the rollout of heat pumps with installer training, considering other off-gas solutions, such as hybrids, to help decarbonise hard-to-heat homes, and the role of agile electricity tariffs to support the transition to heat pumps.

“We are pleased to have collaborated with Charles River Associates to issue this useful infographic about decarbonising home heating,” comments Neil Sawers, Grant UK’s Commercial Technical Manager.

“Since the publication of the Heat and Buildings Strategy, heat pumps have been the main topic of discussion and rightly so as they will provide many homeowners with the means to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. However, upskilling heating installers so that the Government’s targets can be met is going to be essential and it needs to be acknowledged that other low-carbon heating solutions, such as hybrids, are available and may be more suitable for certain homes. The infographic aims to highlight these challenges and opportunities so that all stakeholders can be well informed and ready to discuss how best we can collectively decarbonise heating.”

Download the infographic here

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