Cistermiser celebrates anniversary

Cistermiser celebrates anniversary

Cistermiser is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its hydraulic valve. Designed to reduce water consumption on a mass scale, the simple mechanism has remained unchanged throughout its lifespan – a testament to its timeless design, says the company.

Developed after the drought of 1976, the hydraulic valve was conceived by Alan North, who ran a plastic-injection trade moulding business. The drought caused serious water shortage issues throughout the UK, which led Alan to think about ways to save water. Observing the way water cisterns flushed, he soon realised there was an obvious way to reduce water wastage nationwide. From this, the hydraulic valve was developed.

The valve is fitted on the supply pipe to urinal cisterns in commercial washrooms. It employs an entirely mechanical principle that prevents water wastage by ensuring that an auto-flush cistern is only filled, and can only flush, when the washroom is in use. It works by relying on a short-term pressure drop created by the use of taps or WCs to open, otherwise remaining closed, resulting in significant savings in both water consumption and cost.

David Jones, Managing Director of Cistermiser, said: “The beauty of the hydraulic valve is its simplicity. In the 40 years since its conception, the mechanism hasn’t changed; proof that quality design stands the test of time. Having held a patent for many years, it is the only valve on the market of its kind and remains extremely popular among installers, commissioners and property owners alike.”

The valve’s popularity can be largely attributed to its hydraulic mechanism, asserts the company which means that no electrical supply or batteries are required. The mechanical basis means that it provides ‘fit and forget’ quality, reliability and convenience.

David continued: “We are very proud of the valve’s enduring nature, and how, over the past 40 years, it has become a common fixture in most commercial washrooms. There are now more than 500,000 units installed in restaurants, nightclubs, leisure centres, offices, and many other public buildings.”

Since 1999, it has been recommended by the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations that a hydraulic valve, or another equally effective automatic device, be fitted on every flushing urinal for regulating periods during which the cistern may fill.

Cistermiser offers three different models of the hydraulic valve, each suited to a different range of water supply pressures:

  • Standard Valve, designed to accommodate mains water or tank-fed systems above 5m head.
  • Low Pressure Valve, designed for tank-fed systems with 3m to 5m head.
  • High Sensitivity Low Pressure Valve, a more acute version of the Low Pressure Valve, which can accommodate tank-fed systems with a 0.5m to 3m head.

For ease of identification, the valves come in different coloured packaging – purple for the Standard Valve, green for the Low Pressure, and orange for the High Sensitivity Valve.

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