CGCS – launch and reaction

CGCS – launch and reaction

On Friday February 3rd, Capita Gas Compliance Services (CGCS) unveiled a new UKAS accredited gas safety certification scheme. The scheme is designed to serve as a benchmark of best practice for Gas Safe registered businesses and to confirm that legal gas safety standards are met.

The scheme is said to offer gas companies multiple benefits. In addition to helping to secure a competitive edge, UKAS accreditation of CGCS is claimed to provide assurance for an organisation and employees against the risks of gas safety work. Further CGCS certification benefits for businesses reportedly include:

  • Customer peace of mind that the business will deliver a high quality service as it has gone through a rigorous and impartial third party assessment
  • Recognition for good and safe gas work from the Gas Safe Register and the Audit Commission
  • Reduced risks in relation to the delivery of safe gas work as the use of relevant accredited certification is recognised as a mitigating factor in legal processes.

Matthew Hickman, Managing Director at Capita Gas Compliance Services, said: “The CGCS certification will give businesses that go ‘above and beyond’ for gas safety work the recognition they deserve among their customer base, potential new business opportunities and other organisations in the industry. We welcome businesses to get in touch to find out how they can achieve CGCS certification and look forward to working with them.”

The reaction
A huge number of installers took to social media in the hours and days following the announcement to voice their disapproval (to put it mildly) at the launch of the scheme. Among the key questions raised were:

  • Does the new scheme devalue Gas Safe registration by suggesting that there is an extra level of gas safety not already covered?
  • Is there a conflict of interest given that Capita administers both CGCS and the Gas Safe register?
  • Why should installers have to be certified twice (with all the associated time and financial implications)?

Below is a selection of responses from installation community in the wake of the CGCS announcement…

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