Calor upgrades online quote tool

Calor upgrades online quote tool

Rural energy provider Calor has upgraded its online LPG tariff quote tool to include new renewable gas, BioLPG.

According to Calor, many off-grid homeowners are already assessing the impact off-grid energy has on the environment and exploring renewable options.

Available exclusively from Calor, BioLPG is a new off-grid gas created from a mix of renewable and sustainably sourced raw materials. It is said that using BioLPG will reduce customer’s carbon footprint for home heating by 38% compared to heating oil.

For those already using LPG, no change to existing appliances would be required in order to switch to BioLPG because it is a ‘drop in’ fuel and it’s chemically identical to LPG.

The quote tool will allow homeowners to see at a glance how much it could cost to switch to BioLPG, whether they currently use oil, solid fuel, electricity, or are already on conventional LPG with another supplier.

Calor claims that switching to BioLPG from conventional LPG means there are no upfront costs, unlike if another renewable energy option such as heat pumps or solar panels, was chosen. Calor will also be able to deliver BioLPG straight to the customer’s home if required.

Matt Masters, Innovation Manager at Calor, commented: “Here at Calor, we’re always looking towards the future and how we can help our customers become more sustainable, and it’s our ambition to start providing a 100% renewable energy by 2040. We’re also aware of the potential valuable leads this could generate for our Installer Community.

“Our BioLPG quote tool lets your customer see at a glance how much it will cost to switch to the renewable off-grid gas, making it quick and easy to understand the tariffs available. We also offer a range of tools, services and incentives to make it beneficial to work with and recommend Calor.

“This includes our Installer Incentive Scheme that rewards installers with up to £250 for every successful Calor LPG conversion, and our ‘Find an installer’ tool on our website that helps potential customers find a local LPG gas engineer for their boiler service, installation and maintenance.”

Click here to access the updated Calor quote tool.

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