BPF offers support for warm water UFH systems

BPF offers support for warm water UFH systems

As underfloor heating continues to grow in popularity in the UK, both for new build and refurbishment, the BPF Pipes Group has launched timely new guidance for warm water underfloor heating systems.  

With the aim of promoting best practice in the industry when using plastic pipe systems, the guidance is available at and offers useful references to installing underfloor heating systems correctly. The guidance details the benefits and components of such systems, along with design principles and stages, and also covers components like safety devices and pumps, and installation on different types of floors. 

Using warm water systems offers many performance advantages over other methods of central heating, says the company. Previously only featured in the UK in premium and commercial installations, underfloor heating’s popularity has grown rapidly over the last decade and today it represents a significant percentage of UK domestic and commercial heating projects. 

Plastic pipes have proven themselves for many years in underfloor heating applications: they are flexible for bends and curves, offer long continuous lengths to reduce the number of welds and joints needed – also making them faster to install and minimising potential leakage points – and they meet the needs of the application absolutely. They are easy to handle and install on site and provide a long service life. Plastic pipes have been in common use for over 50 years, and so are not a ‘new’ solution; they have proven ideal for underfloor heating systems. 

The Group asserts that the best reassurance for UK specifiers and installers about quality systems with third party approvals comes from those who are BPF Pipes Group members, and therefore who conform to all current regulations and offer accurate technical information and advice. A list of BPF Pipes Group members manufacturing and supplying these systems is available at    

Gareth Samuel chairs the BPF Pipes Group’s working group on Building Services: hot and cold water applications. He commented: “We strongly recommend this useful guidance as we are confident it will provide an essential best practice reference for designers and installers. Plastic pipes are ideal for underfloor heating systems and our members are ready to provide helpful advice on the many different types of applications being considered.” 

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