BoilerMag invests in £250,000 state of the art filtration testing facility

BoilerMag invests in £250,000 state of the art filtration testing facility

BoilerMag has opened a brand new testing facility to carry out sophisticated filtration analysis for central heating system filters. Located at its Sheffield headquarters, this state of the art laboratory will provide customers with performance guarantees for flow rates, contamination levels, and filter efficiency.

The quarter of a million pound investment has enabled BoilerMag to incorporate a fully automated PLC controlled test rig, including laser particle counters and digital pressures differential gauges pre and post filter, as well as real time data logging. Strict testing criteria means that BoilerMag can provide detailed data on the performance of magnetic heating system filters with regard to HVAC pressure drops, flow rates, as well as accurate contamination and particle analysis determining efficiency levels. The rig incorporates numerous delivery pumps, each controlled via fully adjustable inverters enabling precision test flow rates between 30 and 1,500 litres per minute to be achieved. This wide flow rate capability enables domestic, commercial and industrial sized filters to be fully put through their paces, including side stream units, strainers, and delineating systems.

BoilerMag Sales and Marketing Director Steve McAllorum said: “We are delighted to be able to offer facilities for the testing of water treatment products to the highest industry standards. The filtration testing facility is a huge investment for BoilerMag, allowing us to carry out extremely sophisticated, in depth testing of filter efficiency. We fully anticipate being able to offer customers the full scope of UKAS accredited services for closed system analysis in the near future.”

Although designed and developed by Eclipse Magnetics, the BoilerMag range of heating protection products is now marketed under the Spear and Jackson brand name.

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