Baxi’s first pure hydrogen boiler for commercial applications ready for trials

Baxi’s first pure hydrogen boiler for commercial applications ready for trials

Baxi is preparing for the first real-life trials of pure hydrogen-operated boilers for commercial applications. This is an important next step in the energy transition agenda and follows successful trials of 100% hydrogen boilers for residential use at the Hydrogen Homes in Low Thornley and HyStreet at Spadeadam.

The pure hydrogen boilers will enable commercial users to tap into the incredible potential of hydrogen, whether used on their own or in a multivalent configuration with a heat pump.

“We’re playing our part in the energy transition and that includes in commercial buildings,” said Karen Boswell, Managing Director at Baxi UK & Ireland. “Green hydrogen is one way to help larger buildings decarbonise because it can store renewable power over long periods of time and help avoid heavy peak loads on the electricity grid.”

Following extensive testing of the hydrogen-powered technology at the company’s R&D Centre, Baxi is preparing prototypes for real-life demonstrations in the UK and Europe, which could be live by the end of the year. The different applications of the hydrogen boiler will be demonstrated, such as when it is deployed at sites of local hydrogen generation and storage solutions, and/or in a multivalent set-up with a heat pump, in which hydrogen would cover the peak loads on the electricity grid.

This trial stage also represents an opportunity for all stakeholders – from utilities to energy grid providers, governments and building owners – to learn more about the potential of hydrogen for heating.

“As we navigate the energy transition, we want to deliver flexibility for our customers,” said Karen. “With this in mind, we’re currently working to make our full range of commercial boilers 100% hydrogen ready.

“Our Remeha commercial boiler ranges are 20% hydrogen ready, but we will also be launching a conversion kit for future boilers to switch from natural gas to 100% hydrogen. This will allow commercial users to prepare themselves for the energy switch, offering them more options to decarbonise heat.”

This latest move is part of Baxi’s technology-agnostic approach to support its customers through the energy transition, providing a variety of solutions including heat pumps and heat network equipment as well as hydrogen boilers to help set commercial buildings on the road to net zero.

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