WATCH: How to use the Scalemaster i-Test

WATCH: How to use the Scalemaster i-Test

We get the lowdown on the Scalesmaster i-Test inhibitor tester.

How does the Scalemaster i-Test inhibitor tester work?
i-Test utilises direct measurement of the change in galvanic current between dissimilar metals over a short period of time (four minutes) to determine the effectiveness of an inhibitor present in the system water. Two freshly cleaned metal paddles (iron and copper) are suspended in a small sample of a heating system water and corrosion current monitored between them. A Bluetooth signalling unit sends real-time corrosion data to a free-to-download App on a smartphone which generates a report quantifying findings and detailing the benefit (strength) of any inhibitor present. The report can immediately be sent to the customer or printed on a local printer.

How does it differ from other tests available?
i-Test works with all inhibitor chemicals and provides an accurate measure of inhibitor protection. Indicator Test Strips from different inhibitor manufacturers do not work with all brands of inhibitor and can be susceptible to interference from other chemicals present in the system water. With i-Test, an accurate measurement of corrosion protection is carried out.

With a Test Strip an approximation of the concentration of an individual constituent is obtained using a colourimetric test, with the result then used to infer the level of an inhibitor present.

Why is testing so important?
Water quality is critical to the efficient operation of a heating system being the lifeblood of the heating circuit which is in intimate contact with every operating surface and component in transporting heat around the system. Degradation of the system water drives degradation of the system components.

What heating system chemicals does Scalemaster offer?
Scalemaster supplies a comprehensive range of heating system chemicals including:

  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Boiler Noise/Scale reducer
  • Cleaner, Sludge Remover, Power Flushing Chemical
  • Leak sealer
  • Heat Transfer Improver (Heat Optimiser)
  • Biocide

Will all inhibitor tests function with all types of inhibitor?
Scalemaster i-Test works with all inhibitor chemicals whereas test strips are selective only to individual chemical constituents – different corrosion inhibitors have different formulations so, for example, if you are using a molybdate dipstick it will only find a molybdate-containing chemical. It will not detect an inhibitor which does not contain molybdate.

Are Scalemaster products widely available through plumbing merchants?
Yes! We supply Scalemaster brand and manufacture equivalent customer own-brand products for eight of the top 10 biggest buying groups and national plumbers’ merchant chains – totalling circa 2000 branches across the England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the ROI. We also export concentrated Scalemaster and customer own-brand product to countries with wet central heating systems in Europe.

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