Baxi accessory reduces pressure on installers

Baxi accessory reduces pressure on installers

As part of a refresh to its Platinum Combi boilers, Baxi has introduced the Easy-Fill permanent filling link. It has been designed to make it quicker and simpler for householders to top up the system pressure, without having to call out their installer.

Easy-fill is a spring loaded single lever which will replace the rigid filling link that currently comes with the Baxi Platinum Combi. Easy to identify and straightforward to use, all homeowners need to do is hold down the green spring-loaded lever and wait until the needle of their pressure gauge reaches green.

This new feature has been introduced because the company receives around 5,000 warranty calls a year from customers who only need to repressurise their system and don’t know how. By making this process simple to explain and easy to carry out, the company anticipates fewer calls, which is good news for both Baxi and installers.

Temporary filling loops should be installed for commissioning the boiler only and then removed. However, Easy-Fill is fully WRAS approved to be left connected after use.

The new Easy-Fill part will also be available to purchase as a spare, and can be fitted to most Baxi boilers retrospectively, or during installation of a new boiler.

Mike Parsons, Head of Product Management at Baxi, said: “We think the new Easy-Fill permanent filling link will be a hit among installers and end-users alike.

“Once they have shown their customer how to use it, installers will be able to spend more time on other jobs, rather than dealing with issues that don’t always require technical knowledge.”

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