>B< MaxiPro ‘Golden Ticket’ prize draw launched by Conex Bänninger   

>B< MaxiPro ‘Golden Ticket’ prize draw launched by Conex Bänninger    

Conex Bänninger has launched a >B< MaxiPro ‘Golden Ticket’ prize draw with opportunities to win promotional gifts and prizes. 

The company is inviting installers to ‘join the press revolution’ by entering its nine-month long promotion designed to attract a new generation of >B< MaxiPro users among apprentices and college students, through to experienced engineers and contractors not yet converts to press-fit. 

From March everyone who becomes a certified >B< MaxiPro installer and registers their first purchase of either fittings, jaws or starter-kit will automatically receive a free promotional cap and be entered into a prize draw. The draws will be taking place in the months of June, September and December and winners of the quarterly prize will be notified by post and email. 

In each of these months a gift worth up to £500 will be up for grabs. The lucky winner in the June prize draw will receive a 50” TV. For those looking to enjoying the sunshine, the September reward is a £500 holiday voucher, whilst the December winner can enjoy ‘Christmas on Conex’. 

To take part, installers can register their first purchase by email on this link:  [email protected] and send a copy of their training number and receipt, using code – BMPTRAINING2024. 

UK and Ireland Business Unit Director Ged Grimes commented: “We will be widely promoting this competition through our UK wide distribution channels, as well as targeted social media posts, e-shots, digital adverts and PR.  

“>B< MaxiPro is the innovative press fitting for ACR fittings and makes installation easier as well as provide long-term cost saving benefits. Unlike brazing, no hot work permit is required as it’s a purely mechanical joint, and only tube preparation is needed prior to installation so each joint only takes five seconds to create.” 

“We are hoping to attract hundreds of new trainees during the duration of the Golden Ticket promotion and believe it’s a great way to achieve this, whilst highlighting the benefits of the >B< MaxiPro.” 

Click here to become a certified >B< MaxiPro installer.

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