ATAG Commercial’s new CIBSE-approved CPD: The best use of modern condensing boilers

ATAG Commercial’s new CIBSE-approved CPD: The best use of modern condensing boilers

ATAG Commercial has introduced a new CIBSE-accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module, focusing on the best use of modern condensing boilers.

The CPD will outline how key aspects of modern boilers – such as heat exchangers, burners and controls – have developed in recent years, as well as considering their influence on system design. There will also be detailed explanations of energy saving applications, as well as technical schematics. Interested parties can register for the CPD here or by emailing [email protected].

In addition, the module will highlight how modern condensing boilers reduce carbon and NOx emissions, boosting a project’s overall levels of efficiency, while helping improve air quality in built-up areas. This information will be presented alongside the essential facts about heat exchanger materials and functionality, as well as burners, pumps and low loss headers.

Detailed analysis of these core components will allow engineers to ascertain the best selection of products to use on a project, plus how best to incorporate these elements into a system design. There will also be a focus on recommended flow and return temperatures, with an emphasis on how to keep these low without compromising reliability or efficiency.

Commenting on the CPD, Emiliano Gabrielli, Country Manager at ATAG Commercial, said: “Our new CIBSE-approved CPD fully explains the benefits of using the latest modern condensing boiler technology. By considering the key components in detail, as well as overall system design, consultants and engineers can ensure their customers benefit from optimum levels of performance.”

ATAG Commercial has a range of high efficiency boilers, including its XL-F and XL-W models, which offer outputs of 70 to 200kW from a single boiler and up to 1.6MW in cascade. All units benefit from an excellent footprint to power ratio for greater flexibility in terms of installation, allowing them to be fitted in plant rooms where space is an issue. There are six XL-F and six XL-W boilers to choose from, with two Single Heat Exchanger (XL75 and XL105) and four Double Heat Exchanger versions (XL125, XL150, XL180 and XL210) available.

Each of the company’s QR Series boilers offer outputs from 25 to 60kW from a single boiler, including combi boilers from 25 to 50kW. Each model boasts a stainless steel heat exchanger, burner control unit with LCD display, built-in pump and an integrated zone management system for up to three central heating zones. Units also benefit from numerous flue options suitable for a wide range of applications, while a built-in LMS controller removes the need for an additional, external control.

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