Altecnic welcomes BS 7593:2019

Altecnic welcomes BS 7593:2019

Altecnic has welcomed the latest revision of the British Standard for heating and cooling systems, BS 7593:2019, as it takes a whole system perspective to the health of heating and cooling systems and not just at a component level.

BS 7593:2019 came into effect on 31st May and includes a number of key changes for those installing, specifying and maintaining domestic heating and cooling systems. For the first time, the fitting of a permanent in-line filter is mandatory in addition to a fresh water flush and extensive chemical clean before the inhibitor is added. Furthermore, an in-line filter must now be fitted to all systems.

The revised code highlights that a water test is now required each year to test the level of the inhibitor and overall cleanliness of the system. The inhibitor should also be re-dosed or have a full system water test undertaken every five years. BS 7593:2019 is now applicable to both closed loop heating and cooling circuits.

Gary Perry, Managing Director of Altecnic, comments: “Altecnic has advocated this approach for some time and has aligned its water treatment range to include a range of triple filtration (magnetic, non-magnetic and air) in line filters and water treatment chemicals accordingly. The latest products to this range include the Dirtmag Mini, the C1 and C3 FAST system cleaner and inhibitor and the C7 Biocide and C4 Leak Sealer.”

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