PRODUCT TEST: Scruffs Pro Flex Plus Holster Trousers

PRODUCT TEST: Scruffs Pro Flex Plus Holster Trousers

Pat Mayes puts the new Scruffs Pro Flex Plus Holster Trousers to the test.

I’ve never really looked at buying quality trousers before – they tend to last a certain period of time and then just get replaced in cycles – but I can now see why it’s worth investing properly.

Never have I felt flexibility like it before! I realise it’s in the name, but they really do offer a lot of movement. It’s a nice feeling knowing they’ve not got the potential to rip every time I’m working on an install and have to get into spaces that aren’t exactly easy to manoeuvre around in.

The fabric seems to be pretty durable as well. In the few weeks I’ve been testing them, they aren’t showing the usual signs of wear and tear, so I can see these lasting far longer than previous purchases.

Having said all this, probably the best feature is the easy access to the pockets. We all know the last thing you want when caught in a tight space is to not to be able to reach the tools you need, so the holster pockets are designed to be easy access. There are also four other pockets to hold everything else you need… that I’ve found so far, at least!

Overall, I’d happily recommend these Pro Flex trousers. They’re really comfortable, offer plenty of movement and seem like they’ll last really well, so it’s unlikely I’ll be swapping back any time soon!

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