PRODUCT TEST: Body Partner

PRODUCT TEST: Body Partner

Roger Bisby gets back to his best with the Spine Alignment T-Shirt from Body Partner.

Of all the things I have reviewed over the years, this must be one of the most unusual. In fact, when I was first asked, I was unsure if I could do it. The Spine Alignment T-Shirt from Body Partner is a kind of corrective garment. Did I need it? According to my osteopath, the answer is yes. He took one look at me and said: “You are slightly lopsided”… followed by “That will cost you 50 quid”.

I explained to him that my anterior pelvic tilt (I Googled it) comes from carrying heavy weights on my right shoulder (never my left) for the last 40 odd years. I was born before they banned the 50 kilo bag of cement and I did a few years on the hod.

“Do you play golf?” asked the osteopath, still unable to attribute my injury to hard work. The answer to that is no, but apparently he gets a lot of golfers hobbling in – and even more people who spend their days hunched over a computer.

Of course, we all know that this slouching is doing us no good, but we forget to pull our shoulders back like Vladimir Putin. This XPT-11R does the reminding for you because the wide elasticated bands across your shoulder blades gently, but insistently, pull you back into the kind of shape your mother would be proud of.

As T-Shirts go, this is expensive, but it is less than one session with my osteopath and I can almost guarantee that he would find something not to like about it – probably the fact that I will not go to see him next month. I am on the path of self-healing and this shirt promises to help avoid another nagging problem of mine – rotator cuff injuries. Now that I can trace back to the computer, and if I only wear this shirt during my screen time, it will get a lot of use. To tell you the truth, I am better when I am doing physical work because the variety of movements helps to give everything a bit of a work out. Sadly, most of the population is locked into a limited set of movements that they make over and over again and this causes imbalance. This remarkable Spine Alignment T-Shirt is there to build muscle memory. The idea is that it is not so much what it does when it is on, but what the body remembers when it is off.

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