WATCH: Fernox Express Inhibitor Test demo video

WATCH: Fernox Express Inhibitor Test demo video

Fernox’s new inhibitor test promises evaluation of the water in a heating system in under 10 seconds. PHPI takes a look at the new test and its associated app, designed to help log and manage jobs.

The water circulating in a heating system is a key part of the efficient and effective delivery of heat to any property. Fernox has recently launched a new Express Inhibitor Test, designed to make testing central heating systems for the correct concentration of inhibitor quicker and easier. The company says the test provides a pass or fail result in just 10 seconds. Additionally, the test is also compatible with the Fernox Water Test App, helping installers log and manage results – even across multiple jobs.

The test is straightforward to perform –dip the test strip provided into the system water and within 10 seconds, it will change colour. By comparing the test strip to the colour chart label on the bottle, you can assess whether the system water includes the correct concentration of inhibitor.

Fernox says a fully protected system will have inhibitor levels of 100ppm or above – and will pass the test. However, if the test fails and a result of less than 100ppm is received, the system should be re-dosed, Fernox says, with Protector F1.

Richard Crisp, Head of Chemistry at Fernox, said: “With the Express Inhibitor Test, installers are equipped with a quick and effective solution to conduct the recommended annual central heating system water test to check the correct concentration of inhibitor – and therefore comply with BS 7593:2019 and the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist. The user-friendly test will save time on site, as results are received within just 10 seconds. This also means that, even if the test fails, there is no requirement for a repeat site visit.”

The company has also looked at how it can assist installers in tracking test results with its free to download Fernox Water Test App. Using the in-app camera, users can take a picture of the test strip and select its colour to generate the pass or fail result. If the test passes, users will receive a digital certificate that acts as evidence that the test has been completed and the system is protected. If a test fails, installers can also demonstrate that action has been taken and the system subsequently re-tested to receive a positive result.

Richard Crisp said: “The Fernox Water Test App also makes it easy to record and manage the results of each test. This is ideal for contractors working on schemes with local authorities, such as social housing, when they are required to demonstrate that the annual test has been completed.”

The Express Inhibitor Test will check for the presence of any molybdate based inhibitor within the system water – including the company’s Protector F1. Each small, portable kit contains enough test strips to test 50 systems. The Fernox Water Test App is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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