The popularity of designer rads in bathrooms

The popularity of designer rads in bathrooms

Steve Birch, Sales Director at Vogue (UK), takes a look at the growing move towards designer radiators in bathrooms.

We have found that there has been a distinct shift towards eco-conscious consumerism in premium bathrooms and I anticipate this trend is set to grow in 2021. As more consumers discover the benefits of using materials which are kinder to the planet as well as being more energy-efficient and cost-effective, I believe this type of bathroom design will continue to grow and develop at pace.

As we enter a period of growing economic uncertainty in terms of global recovery from Covid-19 and a process of re-adjustment following the three-phased plan for Brexit, UK consumers in general are likely to be conservative when it comes to purchasing new property, choosing to add value to existing assets which has shown new investment in the bathroom.

Bathroom upgrades
Heating is now viewed as a key way to upgrade the bathroom, with scope for both towel warmers and radiators to be more attractive and user-friendly all year round. As adding value becomes ever more important, we are seeing a move towards the use of aluminium as a must-have, covetable material for radiators in this key room. As well as being an eco-friendly metal, it is renowned for its ability to conduct heat rapidly, which ensures end-users will save both time and money with this improved efficiency in low-water content products.

Another advantage of sourcing aluminium radiators is the opportunity for increased design flexibility and space planning, as these products can be easily installed on both stud and solid walls due to its lightweight core. This is extremely helpful when it comes to luxury residential developments where interior designers and architects are becoming ever more creative when working within the home, and also when working with discerning homeowners who want to have maximum benefits combined with minimum disruption during a renovation or retrofit project.

Replacement market
Alongside the increasing demand for eco-homes, in which materials are recycled and recyclable to minimise carbon footprints, the replacement market remains a strong part of the heating industry portfolio due to the age of the UK’s housing stock, which is the oldest in Europe, and probably the world: according to a recent report from the BRE Group. The opportunities here for the heating professional are considerable, as offering eco-friendly heating solutions will provide your customers with a long-lasting, designer product.

In my experience, adding value to a home by upgrading your customers heating system is a sure investment, especially as more people are now working from home, which has led to a greater emphasis on sustainable living. A greener alternative to designs in brass and steel, we offer a blanket 30-year manufacturer guarantee across all aluminium models.

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