Tibby Singh gets a helping hand from Wonder Grip.

I understand it is difficult to wear gloves at all times, especially when the job demands manual dexterity. I can’t emphasize enough, however, the importance of protecting your hands, even if it’s a two-minute task – because without our hands we can’t perform two-minute tasks, so make it a habit. I used to think gloves are gloves, but, when my old pair got ruined from sparks while using a grinder to cut metal, I quickly learned there are different types – and qualities.

This is where Wonder Grip come in handy as they solely specialise in gloves and have redefined hand protection. In fact, I was overwhelmed by the different types and colours available. They have literally covered everything from general handling, cut-resistance, water resistance, heavy duty, industrial oils, thermal resistance, and chemical resistance. Then, within each group, there are further options with different properties to choose from all of which are clearly labelled.

Wonder Grip has designed a simple table that visually holds your hand to choose the correct protection. This can also be done on their website, using the filter feature to narrow the search down to what is recommended. I evidently had my hands full trying them all on to test their different properties. The only thing I found they had in common, however, was that – thanks to the pre-curved moulds that are used to replicate the natural shape of a hand – they all fit like a glove.

One of my favourites, and ideal for my purposes, are the ‘U-Feel’, which are the expert choice for multi-tasking. Being so thin they provide a second skin sensation, which makes them perfect for the precision tasks I’d undertake as a carpenter.

The attention to detail achieved through years of research is impressive. Wonder Grip has introduced technology into what people may see as ‘a pair of rubber gloves’, for instance. One example would be their Sub-Zero Nitrile Technology, which maintain their flexibility even if exposed to freezing temperatures down to -20ºC. I’m not going to tire you by listening every feature but another one that stood out is the Dualiner, which reduces nervous and muscular fatigue aiming to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

An example of the lengths this manufacturer has gone to is in washing its gloves three times to ensure a softer feel and proper fit, whereas I have had other brands that feel like they’ve been washed in starch. Another comparison where this manufacturer scores highly is the gloves going higher over the wrist, ensuring a snug and secure fit. If you’ve got big hands, you’ll need big gloves and, with various different sizes from 6 – 11, Wonder Grip have got you covered.

It’s wonderful to see Wonder Grip go to the effort to provide protection, dexterity and grip, which all adds up to safety. A round of applause to the team for going above and beyond to protect hands on tradespeople.

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