PRODUCT FOCUS: Salamander Pumps EVE

PRODUCT FOCUS: Salamander Pumps EVE

Designed to make life easier for installers, Salamander Pumps is set to launch the EVE, the latest addition to its shower pump portfolio. PHPI gets the lowdown.

With the number of bathroom renovations growing in popularity, Salamander Pumps has introduced a new shower pump to provide customers and homeowners with the water pressure and shower experience they would expect from a new bathroom.

The pump’s aim is to overcome the growing issue of homeowners splashing out on a stylish new bathroom, only to find that their new luxury shower doesn’t give the performance they desire.

A versatile approach
The EVE is the company’s new, twin-ended, universal shower pump featuring a variable bar rating, which can be changed with just the touch of a button. The product has been designed to support installers, and overcome common issues associated with specifying pumps.

Similar to Salamander’s HomeBoost pump, EVE features a sensor which monitors the system water flow and detects any changes; its brushless motor varies its speed to maintain a constant pressure and ensure no drop in performance, no matter how many outlets in the home are open at any one time.

This technology, along with its variable bar rating, means that there is no longer a need for installers or homeowners to identify the pump with the correct specification based on the size and needs of the house. If the house has a gravity fed system, EVE will work, assures Salamander.

EVE also fits into both positive and negative head situations, without the need for a pressure vessel.

Pressure made easy
The design of the product allows for homeowners to swap between bar ratings at any moment with just the touch of a button, even after installation. Featuring a touch selection on the pump, the interface shows customers which pressure the pump is set to, and allows them to increase or decrease this as they wish, in a format that is easy to understand.

This means that homeowners can increase the setting of the pump up to 3 bar when they want a higher-powered shower, and can equally bring the pressure down to 2 or 1.5 bar just as easily. For installers, this also ensures the product covers all the potential requirements a customer may have, reducing the potential for callbacks.

Flat-line flow curve
With previous shower pumps systems, pressure often decreases with each outlet that is opened. However, thanks to the integrated brushless motor, the pump can compensate for the increased flow, thanks to its ability to increase the motor speed to sustain a water pressure as and when the demand increases.

EVE’s motor varies speed to maintain constant pressure with up to 40 litres’ flow, and can be set to at 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 bar. Effectively, with its variable pressure adjustment, and its ability to operate in a positive or negative head mode, Salamander hopes to make the specification process much simpler for installers.

Robust design
Following the re-engineering of the company’s Right Pump range, EVE is said to feature the latest technology, meaning the pump has four granted patents; on its bypass, integrated electronics, motor pump integration, and Electronic System Protection (ESP). As well as this, it has robust brass connections, which enhance the strength, rigidity and reliability of the pump.

Gareth Richards, Technical Director at Salamander Pumps, concludes: “We’re really excited to be launching EVE – our research and development team work tirelessly to develop cutting edge technologies that are new to the pump market, to ensure we’re offering the best products possible. We believe this is a true game-changer and are excited to hear the feedback from our installers.

“The product’s variable speed and brushless motor means that the pump performs better than any other pump in our range for gravity fed systems.”

Product specification
Maintained pressure at increased flow rates for 1.5 and 2.0 bar settings
Adjustable bar rating – 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 bar
Twin shower and whole house pump
Suitable for gravity fed installations
Positive or negative head – no need for a pressure vessel
Brass connections
Three-year warranty
Simple specification

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