Getting to grips with ground source 

Getting to grips with ground source 

Kensa examines the business opportunity behind installing ground source heat pumps and highlights the training it has available for heating professionals. 

By 2028, the Government wants to see 600,000 heat pumps being installed every year. In the next five years, ground source heat pumps will drive significant growth in the green economy and provide opportunities for business growth.  

The next five years 
The government remains committed to making the UK one of the largest markets in the world for heat pumps. The industry must expand dramatically to meet the 2028 heat pump installation target. Evidence suggests the mass deployment of heat pumps will benefit the economy and the environment. 

A study for BEIS from 2020 suggested that manufacturers could respond under high-ambition heat pump deployment scenarios to develop a sufficient domestic supply chain. This study also highlighted the opportunity to establish a significant market share of UK-manufactured heat pumps, particularly ground source. Widespread heat pump deployment will provide thousands of high-quality jobs in the manufacturing and heating sectors.  

Installers are integral
Thousands of skilled heat pump installers will be required in a sector set for rapid and massive growth. Analysis by the Heat Pump Association suggests that at least 50,200 installers will be needed by 2030, based on the deployment of one million heat pumps. 

If this supported heat pumps manufactured in the UK, a further 15,000 (high-paid) jobs would be created. The UK job creation opportunity is increased when ground source heat pumps are installed, with up to 25,000 additional jobs being created in infrastructure provision. 

Ground source training from Kensa
Kensa offers a free, progressive and tailored installer training pathway for anyone looking to learn more about ground source heat pumps. The company is not just a manufacturer – it is also a ground source heat pump expert that prides itself on the support provided throughout every project where its heat pumps are installed. 

Kensa offers free in-person training, with lunch included, at centres across the UK and a £250 cashback scheme upon first installation with. If you can’t make it in person, the company also offers online training sessions, allowing installers to boost their knowledge and learn remotely. 

It encourages engineers to complete training to become Kensa Partners – approved ground source heat pump installers that meet Kensa’s standards. Partners can access perks like discounts and referrals, pre- and post-technical support, and marketing support. 

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