DosaFil has introduced a solid water treatment for residential heating systems

DosaFil has introduced a solid water treatment for residential heating systems

A new solution for treating the water in residential heating systems has been introduced by DosaFil. 

Its new products provide the active ingredients in a solid paste format which the company says is lighter, reduces issues around spillage and as it comes in cardboard packaging, has no plastic elements that can end up in land fill. The new range of solid chemical treatment includes inhibitors, cleaners and biocides. 

The company says that it has ‘multiple customers’ that have reported success with the DosaFil solid chemicals and dosing devices. 

“We set out to challenge the status quo, creating a safe, easy to install and operate water conditioning system that also addresses common key concerns of modern business, such as health and safety, eco-friendliness and reduction of energy consumption,” said DosaFil boss, Steve Crick.  

He continued: “We designed a new approach to water treatment, dared to dream about changing things when we were told they couldn’t change, and produced a solution that has already made us a highly successful business as we quietly went about changing the face of improving water quality in heating systems.” 

Steve and his team have more than 40 years of commercial water treatment experience and he was convinced that solid paste type chemicals that rapidly dissolved when applied to systems was the answer to several issues that needed addressing in the residential water treatment sector. 

Four solutions 
There are four products in the range being launched – DR1 solid inhibitor sticks, which DosaFil says is the first solid inhibitor in the world to gain NSF International CIAS certification – formerly known as BuildCert. 

There are also DR2 Solid Cleaner sticks, DR3 Solid heavy duty cleaner sticks and DR4 Solid biocide sticks.  The company says the DosaFil DR range meets all the standards and guidelines that currently exist in the marketplace. 

A weighty issue 
One of the most noticeable differences between the new solid sticks, when assessed against liquid alternatives, is the weight of the product. DosaFil says a typical treatment for a 100 litre system with liquid chemicals weighs around 1.16kgs, while its DR products weigh 0.09 kgs.  

“These are very exciting times for DosaFil Residential Technologies,” said Commercial Director John Lynch. “Currently 97% of chemical water treatment uses liquid products. So we have a huge market to target and massive volume potential when those using these products see the penny drop that using solid water treatment products that will be able to be used through introducing the products via filters or towel rail radiators as they wish, will save them time, money and contribute towards sustainability and reductions in emissions and plastic waste.”  

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