Get up to speed with Part F of the Building Regs

Get up to speed with Part F of the Building Regs

Natasha King, Product Manager at Vent-Axia, gets us up to speed with Part F of the Building Regulations and explains more about the opportunities this presents.

As buildings become more airtight to improve efficiency, it’s essential to consider indoor air quality (IAQ) to protect health and wellbeing. The new Part F therefore sets out significant changes, which will drive adoption of low carbon ventilation as an industry standard. The Regulations come into force in June 2022 and will impact anything without planning from that date. Anything which already has planning has until June 2023.

A key addition to the Regulations is a new sub section ‘Installing Energy Efficiency Measures’ in existing properties. Here it sets out that: “When carrying out energy efficiency measures to an existing dwelling, an assessment should determine what, if any, additional ventilation provision is needed, based on the estimated impact of the work.” This is important since previously many homes have suffered from condensation, mould and poor IAQ following energy efficiency measures. This move will help protect health and wellbeing of households and protect buildings from damp, condensation and mould caused by moisture being unable to escape. It will also provide an opportunity for electricians to offer additional ventilation to customers.

Calculating ventilation
Part F provides two options for calculating the new ventilation requirements when energy efficiency measures are added:

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