Are you ready for lower flow temperatures?

Are you ready for lower flow temperatures?

Continal looks at the new requirements.

From 15th June 2022, changes to Part L of the Building Regulations mean all new heating systems in England and Wales must run on lower flow temperatures. This means that, instead of 80°C flow temperatures, installers must now design systems with a maximum 55°C flow temperature.

These changes don’t affect existing systems where installers are simply replacing an older boiler, but if a completely new system is being fitted, or an older system ripped out and replaced entirely, then it must comply with these lower flow temperature requirements.

For installers who are used to working with high-temperature systems, these changes may prove an initial challenge, but help is out there to adjust to the new rules, and the new ways to design these systems.

To provide customers with the warmth and comfort they expect from their heating systems, especially on colder days, lower-flow temperature systems will need larger heat emitters with a much greater surface area. This could present difficulties for installers who are used to fitting systems with a modern boiler and half a dozen standard radiators, as the radiators would need to be significantly larger to deliver sufficient heat outputs.

A simple alternative, especially in new build properties and where homes are being extensively refurbished with completely new heating systems, is to consider an alternative such as underfloor heating.

If you are an experienced UFH installer then you will probably already be designing and fitting Part L compliant, low-temperature systems, but if you haven’t made the switch to UFH yet, choose an UFH manufacturer like Continal, which has decades of experience designing efficient, low-flow temperature systems that also offer the comfort and flexibility of UFH. Technical advisers are available to give you support, and the company can design the complete heating system for you, providing full CAD drawings, instructions and all the materials and tools the project might require.

Continal has a wide range of UFH systems suitable for all floor constructions, all heat sources and all project types, and the team will be on hand at every stage of the project, from the initial design, right through to installation and commissioning, and even after the job is complete.

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