ICYMI – WIN a Martindale Socket Tester

ICYMI – WIN a Martindale Socket Tester

Martindale has teamed-up with PHPI to give 10 lucky entrants the chance to win a BZ101 socket tester.

A fundamental step in ensuring the safe operation of electrical outlets is the verification of correct wiring. From simple 13 Amp outlets to industrial 3-phase sockets, proper wiring is crucial to prevent potential hazards.  

Socket testers are convenient and easy-to-use devices that can quickly identify potentially unsafe conditions in sockets, acting as an initial indicator of potential electrical hazards and allowing plumbers and electricians to identify and rectify faults before they cause electrical shocks, fires, or damage to appliances or equipment.  

Although never a replacement for a wider inspection and testing process, socket testers provide a rapid and straightforward method to assess the condition of electrical outlets without the need for complex equipment or extensive technical knowledge.  

Socket testers perform polarity testing by checking if the earth, live and neutral wires are correctly connected. This basic function is present in all socket testers. However, some models offer additional features to enhance functionality. These features may include a buzzer in addition to LED indicators, providing both visual and audible confirmation of a properly wired socket. Some advanced socket testers can even indicate specific fault types through a combination of LED patterns, allowing for quick identification of issues. 

The BZ101 includes a buzzer and is particularly useful for checking sockets that are not easily visible or located in hard-to-reach areas. It can also double as a basic fuse finder, ceasing its buzzer when the correct fuse is pulled. 

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