Stokvis Modupak heats rail depot inspection pits

Stokvis Modupak heats rail depot inspection pits

The Network Rail Tyseley depot in Birmingham has fulfilled a crucial maintenance role as part of the UK’s railway network for many years, with facilities for the overhaul and repair of locomotives. And just as the trains it services have changed radically down the decades, the depot’s own plant and equipment has required updating, with an advanced Modupak R40 Series Boiler arrangement from Stokvis Energy Systems now having been installed in place of the redundant boilers.

Following a number of site meetings and discussions between Keith Howard of Stokvis Energy Systems, and Network Rail’s Senior Asset Engineer, Mr. Richard Upton, the requirements were assessed and the heat load for the new boilers determined. The Stokvis R40 Series Modupak was identified as being an ideal solution to the problem. This now provides heating to the vast inspection pits, which enable the rail company’s maintenance teams to work on the train’s running gear and various systems.

The Staffordshire office of George Birchall Ltd. was subsequently appointed to carry out the work and the Modupak containing three R40/150 boilers was duly supplied to site.

The contract was supervised by Byron Eaton of George Birchall Ltd., who commented: “We cover the whole of England and Scotland from our three offices and work mainly in the commercial and industrial sectors, so have made extensive use of Stokvis boilers over the years.

“We were able to install the Modupak Skid Arrangement complete with the 3 NO R40/150 Boilers and associated F&R Pipework etc. – along with the boiler pumps within the same space as the previous redundant boilers.

“Stokvis provided good technical assistance and carried out the commissioning and everything is working well.”

The Modupak from Stokvis presents a cascade solution offering customers fully modulating high performance and the ability to maintain supply while individual boilers are shut down for servicing. The company also supplies packaged plant rooms where required and products such as plate heat exchangers and solar thermal systems.

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