wödår | instant hot water taps

wödår | instant hot water taps

The surge of interest in instant hot water taps mirrors the post-pandemic demand for home improvements, energy saving and conscious consumerism.

Since its inception, however, the instant hot tap, or multi-functional tap, has been seen as a luxury that comes with a significant price tag. This perceived downside and fears over complicated installs, has often led to the question, ‘is it worth the investment?’, even against the compelling message of long-term cost saving, environmental benefits and convenience.

A new brand, wödår, has created eight collections of instant hot water taps which are intended to offer value for money, with the convenience of fully insulated compact tanks and available in six different finishes; Brushed Brass, Chrome, Copper, Black, Gun Metal and Gold. All wödår instant taps meet rigorous safety standards and come with a competitive guarantee.

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