Wilo | Wilo-Isar BOOST5

Wilo | Wilo-Isar BOOST5

Wilo UK has announced the addition of a new compact water boosting system to its residential and light commercial product portfolio.

The new Wilo-Isar BOOST5 is a compact, plug and play solution that uses multistage, self-priming and automatic pressure-boosting technology to offer a solution to combat fluctuating or insufficient water pressure. The system guarantees constant pressure for domestic water supply in large domestic settings, as well as smaller non-residential amenities, businesses and small sports facilities.

Pressure boosting will be at the forefront of many people’s minds after the recent UK heatwave, which saw extra demand on water supply. There are many factors that can have a negative effect on water pressure within a property, including using a lot of water at the same time. Running things like the shower, the garden hose and the washing machine can all decrease the pressure in a property as a result of combined higher flow demands.

Water pressure can also be affected by extended pipe runs within larger properties, or the location of a building, such as being situated on top of a hill. Buildings in busy cities also experience issues with water pressure due to higher water usage and increased flow demand, often with insufficient infrastructure to deliver the required flow and pressure.

Wilo’s solution to this is the Wilo-Isar BOOST5, a new pressure-boosting system that provides buildings with the ideal water pressure at every outlet at all times.

Thanks to its hydraulic design and insulated casing, the system runs smoothly and quietly. It’s designed to offer easy installation thanks to its plug-in design, and its LED display and simple button controls make it simple to operate for the end user. Comprehensive built-in protection features guarantee safe operation and peace of mind. The system is also made of a corrosion-resistant techno polymer, guaranteeing a long service life.

The Wilo-Isar BOOST5 is an energy and cost-efficient option, thanks to its smart sensors, efficient hydraulics and demand-sensing technology. This means the system automatically adjusts its speed to the requirements within the property, only providing an extra water boost when required.

When the pressure sensor detects a drop in the system, the electronics start the pump to restore the set-point pressure. The inbuilt inverter varies the speed of the pump, regulating the hydraulic performance according to the specific demands.

When the pressure is restored, the flow sensor will detect the lack of water flow and will stop the pump until the next system start. The Wilo-Isar BOOST5 also provides protection against dry running, thermal protection against motor and inverter overheating and electrical protection against sudden changes in voltage and current.

The simple and intuitive control panel also means users can easily manage the pressure output and monitor the operating status, including error messages.

Andy Thompson, National Sales Manager for Plumbing and Heating at Wilo UK, comments: “At Wilo we are constantly innovating our product range to ensure we embrace the latest in technology and sustainability.

“Inadequate or insufficient water pressure is a common issue in the UK, but an easy fix. The Wilo-Isar BOOST5 offers cutting edge technology that ensures a reliable water pressure and is perfect for home settings thanks to its quiet and compact design.

“The system’s simple plug and play design and high-end material construction is great news for homeowners who are looking for an energy and cost-efficient option, especially with household bills continuing to rise. Of course, this applies to all suitable building types where the Wilo-Isar BOOST5 can provide simple operation with optimum performance from a compact, easy to install unit.”

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