Wilo launches Plavis condensate pumps

Wilo launches Plavis condensate pumps

With the new Wilo-Plavis family of condensate lifting unit, Wilo is now launching onto the market a highly energy-efficient, low-noise and easily installable solution.

A condensate lifting unit it is responsible for collecting and pumping out condensation water from heating and air-conditioning systems. With its efficient and quiet motor as well as its easy installation method – called a ‘Plug & Pump’ method – the Wilo-Plavis is ideally suited for use in residential homes up and down the country that have an existing or newly installed domestic condensing boiler or a domestic air conditioning system.

The entire Wilo-Plavis range of products comes with a DC motor. The high-efficiency motor is said to achieve high performance with a low level of sound and power consumption. Running quietly – at less than 40 decibels – makes it roughly comparable to the background noise of a quiet library. The compact and modern design also allows these units to integrate into the installation.

The ready-to-plug system has adjustable inlets and a rotatable cover and motor, whilst servicing the system is said to be equally straightforward thanks to a removable service cap and an integrated non-return valve.

The fill level of the 1.1-litre tank in the Wilo-Plavis is monitored using embedded electrodes. The pump identifies the fill level of the tank and empties this automatically as required via a hose comprising an integrated non-return valve. This prevents backflow of the pumped-out condensate.

In addition, depending on the version, the system comes with an integrated LED alarm in the form of a visual error message, an acoustic alarm and a fault signal.

“The Wilo-Plavis is a logical extension of the pumping products we provide to the residential market and it’s already finding a market in Europe, which we hope will be replicated here in the UK,” says Wilo’s Training & Technical Manager, Gary Wheatley. “The range of three models will meet all condensate removal applications here in the UK and will be welcomed by installers for its ease of installation.”

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