Wavin launches press fit system with acoustic leak detection 

Wavin launches press fit system with acoustic leak detection 

Wavin has launched Tigris K5/M5, a new range of commercial press-fit fittings designed to detect pressure faults and unpressed fittings in systems.  

The design enables testing with air as well as water, and the range of fittings come with a variety of features to streamline the overall pressure testing process, whilst also ensuring accuracy and maintaining a hygienic pipe system.  

Features include an 80-decibel air pressure leak alert, designed to emit an easily identifiable whistle to ensure that leaks can be detected in even loud environments. Additionally, the company says the Optiflow feature ensures a 50% greater flow rate which can not only assist in reducing overall pressure but can also avoid any potential heat loss or legionella contamination, which is vital in commercial and healthcare settings.  

The Multi-Jaw feature of the fittings ensures that both Tigris K5 and M5 are compatible with common jaw profiles avoiding the need to purchase new equipment for the installation process.  

Andrew Coy, Territory Product Manager at Wavin UK commented: “The development of the new Tigris K5/M5 fittings is set to advance the pressure testing process across the industry and provide a variety of real-time benefits for contractors. The wider diameter and subsequent increased flow rate make the fittings particularly beneficial for high-rise projects and larger developments, where there’s increased demand on the pumping system to supply water to upper levels.”  

“Using air in pressure testing is widely considered the most hygienic option, and this should be as accessible as possible to the industry. Designed to focus on the needs of installers, these market-leading features are set to ensure that the pressure testing process is as easy, accurate and cost-efficient as possible.” 

Click here for more information about Wavin’s latest Tigris range.

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