Viessmann launches Vitovolt 300 solar PV system   

Viessmann launches Vitovolt 300 solar PV system   

Viessmann has introduced the Vitovolt 300 solar PV system to the UK. 

The photovoltaic solution comes with a 15-year product guarantee and incorporates a modular package of accessories designed to fit together seamlessly.  

The Vitovolt 300 package has plug-in solutions for electrical connections and fully wired matching components. Power storage can easily be added via a Viessmann-offered BYD Battery Box Premium with all the power flows of the PV and battery system able to be monitored through the company’s Energy Management System. 

Viessmann says its PV package is ideal for use with the company’s heat pump, enabling householders to generate electricity for use both as energy and heat, reducing running costs of the heat pump as well as energy costs for the entire home.   

“Recent increases in energy prices mean the financial case for solar is stronger than ever before,” commented Viessmann UK Director of Sales, Chris Johnson. “Plus, we’re using electricity more and more for heating and charging vehicles. The Vitovolt 300 offers a great foundation for UK homes to transition to renewable technology for heating and motoring. It’s a very attractive option for homeowners looking to reduce their reliance on energy companies while also increasing the sustainability and value of their property.” 

The Vitovolt 300 product range includes monocrystalline modules with an output of up to 440 Wp guaranteed for up to 25 years. The Vitovolt 300 modules, which have a black anodized frame, especially dark cells and a black Tedlar foil, are suitable for installation on the roofs of detached houses, apartment buildings and commercial and industrial premises. 

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