Viessmann launches Vitotrol 100-E modulation control for Vitodens boilers 

Viessmann launches Vitotrol 100-E modulation control for Vitodens boilers 

Viessmann has announced the immediate availability of a new Vitotrol 100-E Modulation Control for its unvented system and combi Vitodens 100-W and 111-W models, enabling customers to manage their heating and hot water wirelessly.  

The battery-powered load compensation control is said to be easy to install, with no wiring or outdoor sensor required. It can be paired directly with Viessmann’s new One Base software platform for the company’s new Vitodens 100-W (combi/system) and Vitodens 111-W combi storage boilers, using the ViGuide free-to-access installer commissioning and monitoring app. No additional receivers are required as the One Base boilers have built-in WiFi as standard. 

“The Vitotrol 100-E offers smart system control that is highly responsive to changes in demand,” said Viessmann’s Technical Director, Christian Engelke. “It enables the boiler to operate at a lower temperature, reducing gas consumption and increasing the overall longevity of the entire system. It’s also designed to be exceptionally user-friendly, for both installers and householders.” 

In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty covering the Vitotrol 100-E will match the warranty of the boiler it is connected to. For example, a seven-year standard boiler warranty will cover the Vitotrol 100-E for the same seven-year period.  

The Vitotrol 100-E Modulation Control is not backwards compatible with earlier Vitodens 100/111-W variants and is only suitable for four-pipe system boiler installations. It is not compatible with S- or Y-plan systems. 

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