Vaillant launches new ecoTEC plus 

Vaillant launches new ecoTEC plus 

Following two successful product launches at the London Science Museum, and InstallerShow, Vaillant has unveiled the next generation of its well-known ecoTEC plus boiler and a brand new myVAILLANT connect gateway. 

Responding to installer feedback, Vaillant has remastered its ecoTEC plus combination and system range incorporating a wide range of refinements, designed to improve both installer and end user experience whilst keeping the features and layout engineers are familiar with. 

The new models work with natural gas today, as well as being hydrogen-prepared for the future. The company says most models are also LPG convertible without the need for a conversion kit.  

Familiar but improved
The launch brings a refined layout for the ecoTEC plus model, with components easily accessible from the front of the boiler to make routine maintenance and servicing straightforward.  

Maintaining the same footprint, connections, pipe layouts and accessories as previous models, the company says installers will find many similarities between installing the existing and new models. 

The new ecoTEC plus design retains the ‘Vaillant curve’; and has a sleek, modern design to fit into the style of many homes.  

Enhanced performance
Incorporating ionisation technology, IoniDetect, Vaillant says the ecoTEC plus models unlocks the most efficient combustion and optimised performance, with the technology constantly monitoring the quality of the gas and maximising the available energy. Incorporating LinBUS technology the system collects performance data on key components, enabling installers to remotely access and diagnose any issues, as well as providing increased detailed information transferal between system components. 

With the new Limp Home function, if the ecoTEC plus detects a fault, it will try and correct itself 10 times. If it can’t correct itself, it will run at a reduced output and alert the homeowner and the installer. 

Smart home integration
To complement the ecoTEC plus, Vaillant has also launched myVAILLANT connect, a new gateway to provide a connected heating system solution, designed to enable easier and more intuitive smart home integration.  

The new gateway integrates with all a number of smart-home platforms, including Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and coming soon, Google Home. Supporting homeowners with the ability to access and activate their heating system remotely and conveniently via smart mobile devices, as well as offering proactive remote diagnostics and energy management solutions thanks to the new myVAILLANT Smart Home Subscriptions.  

For installers, the installation of the new gateway is straightforward with the new ecoTEC plus, with a simple one-cable plug and play solution, and weather  compensation out of the box possible.  

Speaking about the new ecoTEC plus and connected solution, Mark Wilkins, Technologies and Training Director at Vaillant said: “We are excited to be able to showcase the latest version of the ecoTEC plus. Working closely with our installers and end users, we set out to update our existing product without losing the familiarity that has made it so popular over the last decade. The result is the new ecoTEC plus, the same boiler installers know and love, remastered to suit the performance, efficiency and connectivity demands for today and the future.   

“As the use of smart technology in the home evolves, the role of connectivity to create enhanced comfort and efficiency via domestic heating appliances has grown. In response to this, we’ve worked hard to ensure the new ecoTEC plus, together with myVAILLANT connect, puts increased control at homeowners’ fingertips.” 

“The new ecoTEC plus and myVAILLANT connect is the culmination of our ongoing commitment to industry-leading research, design and manufacturing excellence to create the innovative heating solutions installers and homeowners love.” 

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