Unidrain | GlassLine Black Frame

Unidrain | GlassLine Black Frame

The new addition to the GlassLine series of designer shower screens from Unidrain is described as minimalism meets industrial. The new version, with a distinctive black frame, complements the Reframe Accessories collection and the black variant of the HighLine Colour drain.

The GlassLine shower screen is 10mm of clear tempered glass which is secured discreetly and securely without any visible display of fixings, screws, fittings or joins.

The screen is mounted in a shower base situated under the bathroom flooring. Designed to be used in conjunction with the ShowerLine drain unit it comes complete with a groove-in-the-floor-flange.

The screen is lowered into this before being attached to the wall to ensure the screen’s stability and that the interior of the shower area is water tight. The black frame sits against the tiles, hiding any edges and creating a clean smooth finish.

Enclosed in black powder-coated metal, the interior panel of each quality glass screen is treated with Cleantech nano-treatment. This increases the screen’s hygiene standards as water runs of the glass with ease and it is extremely easy to clean and maintain a clear finish.

Available in three sizes – 800, 900 and 1000mm – and a height of 2104mm, the shower screen can be mounted to the left or right and fits tile thicknesses up to 15mm for wall tiles and 20mm for floor tiles.

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