Ultraheat Compact 4 range: increase heat efficiency and minimise energy costs

Ultraheat Compact 4 range: increase heat efficiency and minimise energy costs

The mild steel convector panel radiator is the most popular choice for domestic heating due to its low water content, said to make it the most cost-effective and efficient heating solution.

The waterways of the Ultraheat Compact 4 range have been manufactured to allow for better circulation and the convectors have been designed to increase the heat output, as well as the top grills being adapted so that they do not interfere with the flow of hot air.

The floor facing twin tappings are positioned on one side only of the radiator, allowing for a single point of connection for flow and return of the water supply. Even the installation and the positioning of the pipes, valves and thermostats have been updated, and all of these design improvements enhance the efficiency and performance of the radiator.

With more people choosing sustainable heating sources, the Triple Compact 4 is designed to be the ideal choice. It operates on low water temperatures of 50°C or below and comes with three convector panels and three sets of fins. This design of radiator provides a large heating surface area, which creates a higher overall heat output.

The Compact 4 range has been created to be durable and versatile, offering a large range of cost-effective, rapid heating solutions for homes and working environments. Each radiator is individually tested and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

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