TOOLS & WORKWEAR WEEK 2021: Lighting up dark workspaces

TOOLS & WORKWEAR WEEK 2021: Lighting up dark workspaces

Dark working areas are a challenge for all plumbers – and the dark mornings and evenings of winter only serve to exacerbate the problem. Of course, the vast majority of installers will be armed with torches or lamps to help bring light to even the darkest airing cupboard or loft, but if your current options are starting to dim then C.K has recently introduced some alternatives.

The company has recently brought out a selection of new products, including a range of high performance site lights and head torches which promises “a host of advanced features and benefits, including the very latest in LED lighting technology”. The C.K T9613 Head Torch is available in a USB Rechargeable model or battery operated option; and there is also a 10W Rechargeable LED Site Light.

The head torch features a 270 Lumen output, has a choice of seven lighting modes and, according to the company, has a run time of up to nine hours. Other features include an 80° tilt ability; a 90m beam distance; and a motion sensor that allows for a quick way to turn the head torch on and off, with just the wave of a hand.

If you need a bit more illumination, C.K’s 10W Rechargeable LED Site Light offers a 700 Lumen output, two lighting modes and the company says it has a run time of up to four hours. The light can be focused at any angle thanks to a full 360° tilt mechanism, with the option to mount on a tripod or a variety of metallic surfaces via a magnetic base. The site light can also act as a power bank.

Cutting edge accessories
C.K has also recently enhanced its range introducing three new Multitool Blade Sets; a new 40mm HSS Cobalt Sheet Steel Hole Saw; and a Glass and Ceramic Drill Bit Set of 5. The new Multitool Blade 5 Piece Set contains two High Carbon Steel Blades and three Bi-Metal Blades, with the full set comprising: 2 x 34mm x 40 wood HCS; 1 x 34mm x 40 BIM; 1 x 80mm dia BIM; and 1 x 65mm x 42 wood BIM M2.

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