The KNIPEX Cobra range… tools that bite!

The KNIPEX Cobra range… tools that bite!

The Cobra range from KNIPEX now includes versions that will get virtually any job done where pipes and nuts are involved. From working in the smallest of spaces to working safely at height, the KNIPEX Cobra has a set of pliers for the user, packed with time and energy saving features as well as its famous bite!

All products in the KNIPEX Cobra family are self-locking to pipes and nuts: the result is that there is no slipping from the workpiece and work is considerably less strenuous. The teeth, which are offset against the direction of rotation, enable this effect for efficient gripping, holding, pressing and bending. There is no need to fiddle around to get the correct opening width; simply place the upper half of the jaw onto the workpiece and slide the lower jaw in position to fix the pliers in place.

The gripping surfaces have specially hardened teeth (approx. 60 HRC) that ensure reliable gripping due to high wear resistance. Instead of a plastic coating, a ribbed, non-slip handle provides grip so that the handles of this small tool are kept slim and easy to use. Other features include a box joint for stability and durability via a double guide, as well as a pinch guard to protect against crush injuries.

The Cobra range also gives the user a wide choice of sizes, from the XS at 100mm right up to 560mm. The range also features an Extra Slim ES version which is ideal for those tight spaces associated with work on pipes and valves and VDE versions for safe working around electricity.

Safety is also important when it comes to your pliers. Working at height is associated with increased risk and this is the reason KNIPEX initially developed a flexible fall protection system. The Tethered Tools range, which includes Cobra pliers, brings safety and reassurance to users of tools working at height or in locations where falling tools could be a risk. If you work at height then Tethered Tools offer more protection from lost tools and accidents.

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