Tackle pipe blockages with Rothenberger’s Rodrum

Tackle pipe blockages with Rothenberger’s Rodrum

Pipe blockages can cause inconvenience for many residents and businesses. The RODRUM VarioClean from ROTHENBERGER is powered by a compact 18V battery the machine is independent of other power sources allowing it to be taken anywhere on the job without the need for a power supply. The flexibility of having a cordless option allows users to tackle blockages in locations previously considered difficult to access.  

The 8Ah-18V battery drive also helps to keep the weight of the machine down, the company says by 10% compared to a corded version. The battery allows the RODRUM VarioClean to be used for up to 50 minutes. As ROTHENBERGER is part of the cross-manufacturer Cordless Alliance System (CAS) a single CAS system battery fits over 300 machines from more than 30 different manufacturers. 

Blockage removal 
The unit has been designed to remove blockages over a distance of up to 15metres in pipes with diameters of 40-100 mm. Often a messy job, clean and discreet working can be achieved as the soiled spiral retracts into the drum as it returns.  

The battery-operated RODRUM VarioClean is designed to clear blockages within the household up to the house connection to the public sewerage system. A selection of accessories ensures that blockages caused by hygiene articles or impurities can be removed as well as blockages caused by root ingrowth or damage. 

The drum machine has an automatic forward and backward rotation as well as a motor control with three different speed levels. The lowest speed is for unclogging, the middle speed is for cleaning and the highest speed is for spinning pipes clean. 

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