Stelrad extends radiator range

Stelrad extends radiator range

Over the past couple of months, leading radiator manufacturer Stelrad has added a number of new sizes of its popular radiator series to the premium panel, K3 Henrad range and Cast Iron Column ranges throughout the Stelrad and Henrad portfolios.

The company says the additions are a direct response to requests from customers and meet the needs of the increasing numbers of renewable heating systems being installed alongside, in particular, ground source and air source heat pump driven systems.

The new additions are in the Stelrad Compact with Style range, in the Vita, Softline and Henrad Silhouette white and concept ranges, the Vita and Softline Deco and Henrad Everest Line – both white and Concept ranges, the Henrad Compact K3 and Stelrad and Henrad Cast Iron Column ranges.

“As always we want to respond to our customers needs as quickly as we can,” said Stelrad’s Chris Harvey, Head of Marketing for the company. “All our flipbook brochures have been updated to show the wider ranges available and these are available at and”

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