Snickers Workwear: Protective Wear Collection 

Snickers Workwear: Protective Wear Collection 

Snickers Workwear has an extended range of sustainable and functional, EN-certified Protective Wear for light to night, dawn to dusk. 

There’s High-Vis clothing for Low-vis workplaces. The 66-product collection is ISO compliant with the ergonomically designed Class 1,2 and 3 clothes for men and women designed to keeping them both visible, safe and weather-proofed at work. 

For high levels of protection in high-risk environments, the Snickers Workwear’s EN-certified ProtecWork clothing provides are designed to provide high levels of protection against heat, flame and electrostatic hazards, liquid chemicals and mechanical risks. 

Complementing the company’s Protective Wear clothes is its Gloves collection. Snickers Workwear says its advanced designs, features and material combinations will suits a wide variety of trades, and workplaces, weather conditions and hazardous environments. 

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