Salamander Pumps introduces TankBoost water boosting solution

Salamander Pumps introduces TankBoost water boosting solution

Salamander Pumps has introduced its latest water boosting solution, TankBoost, designed to deliver water pressure and flow in homes and light commercial buildings.  

No matter the size of the household or the number of outlets running in the kitchen or bathroom, good water pressure and flow is a must have for homeowners. 

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of water boosting solutions, Salamander Pumps, has launched TankBoost, designed to be an easy to install, single unit solution to ensure water performance remains at optimum levels even in large, multi-storey homes. 

TankBoost will deliver flow rates up to 80L/min and pressures up to 3.0 Bar, suitable for homes where showers, taps, toilets and more are being used at the same time  

The latest product in the expanding MainsBooster range, TankBoost combines a cold water storage tank and an integral pump. The high-quality stainless-steel pump is submerged within the tank, and the company says that this means that TankBoost is extremely quiet throughout operation. 

‘Exciting extension’ 

Tank Boost has been designed to meet the water pressure and flow needs of domestic and light commercial installations, with four tank sizes available ranging from 100L to 450L. Additional storage tanks are also available to increase capacity for large properties or those with particularly low incoming flow rates. 

The company says the solution will overcome insufficient water pressure and flow in combi or unvented systems.  

Gareth Richards, Technical Director at Salamander Pumps, said: “Our new TankBoost product is an exciting extension of our MainsBooster range, which has been developed to ensure multiple outlets receive sufficient water all at once.  

“It’s a stand-alone, cost-effective solution that can be trusted to ‘run the show’ – working hard to meet the water performance challenges that often occur when multiple outlets are running at once, larger, multi-storey properties, such as extended homes, HMOs, social housing settings, hotels and B&Bs.” 

More flow 

TankBoost is the first product in the Salamander Pumps product range to deliver flow rates beyond 36L/min, promising powerful showers, strong flowing taps, and quick toilet cistern replenishment, even when they are being used at the same time.  

The company believes the typical application for the product is a larger dwelling, with several floors and bathrooms. However, it says that TankBoost can also service smaller properties due to its compact size.   

Gareth added: “TankBoost will give even the busiest of properties more than enough boosted water supply. We’re already seeing a lot of anticipation for this launch with significant interest from installers, merchants and homeowners. 

“We’ll be providing comprehensive guidance to support plumbers with the specification and installation process in the form of webinars, step by step guides and e-school content.” 

Link up 

TankBoost is initially available in four different sizes, from 100L to 450L, meaning solutions are available for properties of all sizes. Where a property has particularly high water demand, and space is not an issue, tanks can be linked with additional storage units to increase capacity. 

CAT5 variants and additional water storage tanks are also available as part of the range, and the product comes with a two-year warranty.  


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