Resideo | VC water valve range

Resideo | VC water valve range

Having introduced its two and three port valves over 40 years ago, Resideo has now unveiled its latest VC water valve range. The range is designed with additional wiring functionality and the ability to handle a higher-pressure differential of bars. This makes them suited to larger heating systems with higher flow rates, or installations with more powerful circulation pumps.

Installers may already be familiar with the VC range as they have been used in combis for a number of years.

5m and 6m pumps are standard for many installations. However, installers fitting a heating system in a larger property with a hot water cylinder and around 30 radiators, may choose 7m or 8m higher pressure pumps to ensure the effective circulation of water through the system.

This increased pressure can cause the issue of heated water seeping through standard domestic zone valves – running into radiators – when water was only called for by the hot water cylinder. The same issue applies to heat pump installations where the low heat requires a bigger circulation pump selection to push the water around the circuit.

Wiring options
To ensure no water can pass through the valve when in the closed position, the new heavy duty VC valve has been designed with a robust, linear mechanism that moves up and down to open and close the valve and can resist up to 4 bars of pressure without leakage.

The VC valve also comes with various wiring options to assist with a greater range of applications. This allows greater flexibility for installers wanting to connect the valve to the thermostat, boiler and even a heat pump. It can also add a priority route where the hot water is heated before the radiators, so that it works effectively in conjunction with the service called for.

Steve Mist, Senior Technical Support Supervisor, from Resideo commented: “We are seeing more multiple zoned properties and an increased number of heat pump installations – as we move to lower the nation’s carbon emissions – this brings the need for higher pressure circulation pumps to ensure the water can be pushed around the system effectively. As this may take the pressure over 0.7 bars, installers need a solution that will marry up to ensure water does not pass through the valve when not called for.

“The new VC valve from Resideo is as simple to fit as its spring-return counterparts but can handle greater pressure with ease. This means it can be the ideal option for installers taking on larger or renewable heating installations. And also future-proof a system if a homeowner is looking to switch to a heat pump.”

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