Reliance Valves unveils new flexible Tenant Valve range  

Reliance Valves unveils new flexible Tenant Valve range  

Reliance Valves has developed a new range of Tenant Valves designed to control and monitor water supply. Included in the rage is a Tenant Valve for multi-occupancy buildings and a new slimline version designed specifically for new build housing developments. The range also includes a host of optional extras enabling multiple configurations to suit individual project needs.

“Tenant Valve, our pioneering multi-functional combination valve, has been trusted by the industry for decades to reliably control and monitor water supply while reducing costly leak points. Our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity is epitomised by our decision to enhance and extend our range to include additional benefits and a broader range of applications,” said Eric Winter, RWC EMEA Director of Product Development (Valves). 

At the heart of the range, Tenant Valve Advance boasts all the same benefits as the legacy combination valve with enhanced features and a range of accessories. The multi-functional single-piece valve – incorporating a lever-operated isolation valve, a pressure reducing valve, an integral strainer, and a double check valve for backflow prevention against Fluid Category 3 risks – now has a direct connection point for a billable water meter that eliminates the need for additional connectors and further reduces costly leak points. 

The new valve comes with a moulded insulation cover with an additional insulation ring to protect the water meter connection point from ambient temperature changes or heat transfer. The cover can also be removed in situ, designed to make it easier to access the valve from the front for quick and simple maintenance.  

Tenant Valve Advance is also available with optional extras enabling multiple configurations, including an Isolating and Drain Off Combination Valve, which enables the outlet side of the valve to also be isolated and drained.  

Tenant Valve Compact, a new addition to the range, has been specifically designed for new build housing developments or any building that uses a master meter on a common water supply instead of individual meters. The valve has all the same features and benefits as the Tenant Valve Advance but without the water meter connection point. Its compact design is suited to where space comes at a premium. 

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