Rehau launches Nexus

Rehau launches Nexus

Rehau has launched Nexus, the world’s first system for hot tapping PE-Xa district heating networks, according to the manufacturer.

Rehau Nexus makes it possible to retrospectively extend an existing heat network or add a ventilation or measuring point to a district heating system using the company’s orange PE-Xa pipes. In the past, hot tapping was only possible with polymer pipes in cold water and gas mains and with steel district heating pipes.

With Nexus, expansions can be carried out during operation and under pressure without disrupting the supply, making retrospective connections up to 80 per cent quicker. And because installers only need half the installation trench space compared to conventional squeeze-off techniques, the company believes Nexus can save up to 50 per cent on civil costs.

When dealing with hot water, safety is paramount. That’s why the system has been designed with a 3D silicone seal, which is said to fit perfectly around the pipe and offer exceptional durability, even in temperature malfunctions up to 110°C. Nexus’ Teflon coated clamps are also designed for maximum temperature resistance and safety. Rehau also secured TÜV certification for its use with its orange PE-Xa pipes to prove the highest levels of reliability.

Suitable for use on Rauvitherm and Rauthermex PE-Xa pipe systems – both underground and in the plant room – Nexus is manufactured in accordance with EN15632 and has a minimum lifetime of 30 years, thanks to its corrosion-resistant design.

Steve Richmond from Rehau said: “With the increasing demand for polymer heat networks, there was a real need in the market for a system which would allow for the hot tapping of PE-Xa pipes, so our designers set about making a product that would solve this problem for our clients. Nexus works effortlessly with other Rehau products, like our polymer pipes, fittings and couplings, so installers can come to us for a complete, co-ordinated district heating system. Training is also available to ensure a perfect fit every time.”

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