Protrade and Festool launch high-capacity SYS-PST PowerStation

Protrade and Festool launch high-capacity SYS-PST PowerStation

Protrade has launched Festool‘s new ‘world first’ high-capacity portable power station.

Dubbed the SYS-PST PowerStation, Festool’s latest product uses the latest battery technology, high-capacity and rechargeable lithium-ion cells, within a standard stackable Systainer system and has been built for convenience, versatility, and to overcome some of the regular issues trade professionals face while on site.

This includes being faced with minimum power points, voltage drops, or no power at all. Its design also rids tradespeople of potential trip hazards and promotes sustainability through its output of clean electricity.

With 2,990 watts of permanent power and up to 11,000 watts of short-term power, the 16kg battery pack provides enough energy to power all mains-powered tools, including extractors, large saws, and hammer drills, continuously with no losses of performance. The SYS-PST Power Station stores 1,500 watt-hours of stored energy and is built to last the entire working day.

It’s been confirmed that the SYS-Power Station, which can reach 100% charge capacity within three hours, operates tools and machinery from all kinds of manufacturers and in any location, whether that be on a huge construction site, on top of a scaffold, halfway down a tunnel, or in the middle of a field.

Des Duddy, joint managing director at Protrade, said: “This is a product we’re really excited about. Festool is a UK leader in power tool products and this world-leading battery pack they’ve produced will eradicate a number of issues that trade professionals face on a daily basis when they’re on-site and is also the next best thing to cordless.

“It’s going to be a game-changer! A desire for speed, convenience, and productivity has accelerated the development of tools and appliances in order to reduce manual labour and maximise efficiency. By combining the latest technology with proven engineering excellence, Festool has created an incredibly clever and practical power source for anyone at work, home, or play.

“Aside from convenience, sustainability is a key thing for the manufacturing industry right now, too. We’ve got a long way to go in order to be cleaner in our approach but Festool’s product is a giant stride towards achieving that in a world where convenience and versatility are key.”

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