Product Test: Snickers layer system

Product Test: Snickers layer system

Beating the cold this winter could be as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the Snickers layer system.

Winter’s coming, as the good people on Game Of Thrones keep reminding us. And while you may not be battling White Walkers beyond the Wall, there’s every chance you’ll need some warmth from your workwear over the next few months.

In keeping with tradition, we once again donned this season’s offerings from Snickers to find out how you can keep out the chill while staying comfortable on the job.

The three-layer approach advocated by Snickers is genuinely effective in some of the world’s harshest environments… so it really ought to work on a rainy Tuesday night in [insert name of lower league football team here]. The basic premise is this:

First layer: Choosing the right first layer next to your skin is key to keeping your body dry and ventilated.

Second layer: Airy materials make excellent second layers. Garments designed to insulate by creating a pocket of air around your body will keep you warm.

Third layer: You need an outer layer with reliable wind and water protection. Go for clothing that is waterproof, breathable, strong and durable.

First layer


Our first layer consisted of the Ultimate Micro Climate long-sleeved T shirt and long johns. They feature 37.5 natural active particle technology, which captures and releases moisture vapour. In short, the concept is that the clothes closest to your skin stay dry, warm and ventilated.




Second layer

3212 Craftsmen Holster Pocket Trousers
These trousers are designed to be extremely hard-wearing and dirt repellent thanks to the use of DuraTwill fabric. Features include an advanced cut with Twisted Leg design, Cordura reinforcements for durability and a range of pockets – including holsters and a phone compartment. Essentially, they tick snickers-trousers-16all the boxes for installers. And, of course, they come with compartments to house the company’s famous kneepads so you can protect your joints on site.


8013 A.I.S 1/2 Zip Pullover

The insulation principle of the second layer couldn’t be demonstrated better than with this fleece, which features A.I.S (Active Insulation System). It’s warm. Very warm. It’s also remarkably soft and offers plenty of give when you’re on the stretch for something (which may or may not be a cuppa). It also has thumb holes in the cuff, a perennial favourite with us at PHPI, and reflective detailing on the zips.



Third layer

snickers-jacket-161128 Craftsmen’s Winter Jacket
Designed for everyday warmth, the rip-stop winter jacket is both ergonomic and modern – it’s as useful on the terraces of your favourite underperforming football club as it is on site. The cut means you still have freedom of movement if you’re sorting out the heating somewhere freezing cold. The front is higher than the back so you can get to your trouser pockets easily and it has pockets aplenty of its own.



Keeping your head warm is essential, especially if you’re no longer blessed with a full head of hair. This particular hat is incredibly warm despite being very thin and lightweight. It takes a certain kind of person to pull off the look though.

snickers-belt-169025 Elastic Belt
A belt’s just a belt, right? Not quite. Somehow, even this has been given the Snickers treatment – it has the feel of genuine quality and has been ergonomically designed. Most importantly, it does exactly what you’d expect… it stops your trousers falling down!

9213 Wool-Mix Sockssnickers-socks-16
There’s a knack to winter sock design, there really is. Too thick and they ruin the fit of your boots, too thin and they don’t offer enough insulation and you end up with feet like blocks of ice. The AllRound socks are the happy medium – they’ll keep your toes toasty with no worries about your footwear being painfully uncomfortable.

Toe Guard Jumper S3
Safety footwear has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and these are a prime example. They’re incredibly light but still meet EN 20345 S3 (hence the coding in the name). The S3 element refers to the anti-penetration properties of the midsole/insole, resistance to water penetration and absorption and cleated outsole.



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