PRODUCT FOCUS: Viessmann Vitodens 200-W series

PRODUCT FOCUS: Viessmann Vitodens 200-W series

Ahead of the launch of the Vitodens 200-W series, we put the questions to Darren McMahon, Viessmann’s Marketing Director.

Designed for larger detached and semi-detached homes, Viessmann is launching the next-generation of its flagship domestic gas condensing boiler, the Vitodens 200-W. The series features three models:
*Vitodens 200-W – a space-saving wall-mounted unit
*Vitodens 222-F – compact unit with integrated 100-litre stainless-steel cylinder
*Vitodens 242-F energy centre with 170-litre solar cylinder now or combination in future with Vitosol solar collectors

The units all have thicker casings for added stability, with an ultra-flat front panel, and are smartly finished in a new Vitopearlwhite matt white powder coating.

Key features of the new series include:
*Height-adjustable colour touchscreen display for easy operation
*Integrated WLAN for convenience and safety – the homeowner can allow their engineer to monitor the system using the Vitoguide digital service centre
*Heating with environmental responsibility – the company’s MatriX Plus burner, which transfers heat via a stainless-steel radial heat exchanger, maximises reliability and efficiency
*Combustion control copes with fluctuating gas quality – the Lambda Pro Plus automatically detects and adjusts to the gas type.
*Easy to maintain, with around 50% fewer spare parts
*Easy installation and commissioning – commissioning can be done via the integrated assistant within the touchscreen display, or by using the ViStart app on a smartphone or tablet

Hi Darren. What are the benefits the Vitodens 200-W range brings to installers?
The aspects of the new Vitodens 200-W range that we see as most appealing to installers are the reduction in spare parts, the Vitoguide digital service centre and the location of plug-in controls.

The Vitodens 200-W’s height-adjustable touchscreen controls are another unique feature of the new range. In consultation with the end-user, installers can position the controls either at the top or the bottom of the boiler cover so that they are closer to the eye line, for convenience and comfort.

Another advantage is that now, for the installer to connect the additional controls (weather compensation etc.), the plug-in connections are on the bottom of the boiler. This means installers do not have to open the cover and controls cover to access the circuit board.

How are you going about reducing the amount of spare parts?
We are making as many components as we can, such as the electrodes and burner, common across the range. Therefore, following the introduction of the new Vitodens 200 range, as new models are launched, meaning the 050-W, 100-W and 111-W boilers, they will share most common Vitodens spare parts. The reduction by 50% of spare parts will be of benefit not just to installers of the new Vitodens 200-W but to installers of any Vitodens boiler.

Merchants will only have to buy and carry one part or SKU to provide stock of that component for their Viessmann installers. For the installer, this will improve the availability of Viessmann parts at their local stockist, which is a win-win for everyone.

Installers too can carry fewer components, freeing up space in their vans, cash in their pockets and giving them a greater degree of confidence that they can turn up to a home with a Viessmann boiler and have the parts with them to be able to service or maintain it. It’s adding reliability and reducing complexity all round.

Tell us more about the Vitoguide service…
With the Vitoguide digital service centre, we expect installers to genuinely appreciate its monitoring and indicative elements. A traffic light-style predictive maintenance system automatically identifies components that need replacing – electric components nearing the end of their life, for example – and notifies the installer so that the end-user can be contacted before the problem manifests itself.

The fault diagnostic provision also identifies the part that’s required, along with the part number, for added convenience. As long as the end-user has given the installer permission via the ViCare app, the installer has exclusive sight of the health of the boiler throughout its life.

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