PRODUCT FOCUS: SinkFix and TubFix

PRODUCT FOCUS: SinkFix and TubFix

PHPI speaks exclusively to Laurence Beeke about the progress of TubFix and the launch of a new product, SinkFix.

The biblical saying ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ has been adapted in modern times to refer to any object we come across in our daily lives and, to all intents and purposes, it’s very true. It seems increasingly harder to invent and develop totally new products; hence many are looking for ways to improve on existing ones.


TubFix sought to do exactly that by improving on the age old notion of building a wooden framework for a bath. It did so by making a ‘quick and easy, strong and secure’ galvanised metal frame that can be constructed in 30 to 45minutes, even after the bath itself has been installed. It compensates for floors not being level and walls out of true – also adjusting to any height installation. It supports not only the bath but the bath panel finish. The product has been growing in popularity as it is becoming more widely known, and a version for L-shaped shower baths is being launched this month.

But Laurence isn’t one to sit around drinking beer (contrary to popular belief) and his enthusiasm for improving sanitary fixings can be seen in his latest product, which is fittingly called SinkFix.


SinkFix is ‘a quick and easy, strong and secure’ fixing plate for wash basin installation created to overcome the issue of getting strong and secure fixing points using standard wash basin screw/bolt fixings. The brick or mortar may be of poor quality or a void may exit behind a stud wall. In all such cases, hanging a heavy object like a wash basin and semi pedestal of up to 50kgs on such fixings is not ideal. If you have had this problem then SinkFix may be the solution for you.


It’s a 3.8mm white coated steel plate shaped in such a way that it will be hidden by the majority of wash basins on the market; even modern shallow ones. It is 370mm wide so any wash basin width of 400mm upwards will cover it. Its numerous fixing points give the installer multiple options and the plate will spread the load for fixing to a stud wall. The M10 fixing bolts slide along the plate to match the holes on the back of the wash basin, from 50 to 300mm apart (generally the standard is 270/280mm). The nylon bushings which go between the bolt and the sink can fine adjust the height and/or the horizontal level of the wash basin. The basin can even be moved left or right after the plate is fixed, which could prove ideal if your customer wants the wash basin to the ‘left/right a little’.

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