PRODUCT FOCUS: Mascot Workwear

PRODUCT FOCUS: Mascot Workwear

In the Mascot workwear collection you’ll find a options for every trade.

All jobs and professions come with their own needs and place different demands on your workwear. In the Mascot range you can find workwear for various trades, giving you the opportunity to select products to suit a specific task. You will find clothing in a range of different fabrics and materials, for example, each with their own benefits, a range of different fits, and boasting an array of features. This allows you to choose workwear that will meet the demands and requirements of your working day, whilst conforming to your own tastes and style.

Functional features
In the Mascot portfolio you can find a wide selection of workwear and safety footwear for a multitude of construction professions. The features, the fabric quality, the colour and the look of the workwear depend on the environment and the tasks. If you want to perform to the maximum, it is essential that you select the correct clothing for your working environment throughout an entire workday.

For example, you need many pockets for storage of tools. In a wet trade, on the other hand, you might need workwear that keeps its fit and colour even after many washes, even if it is exposed to industrial washing and drying processes and, whatever your job, maintaining a professional image means high demands will be made on your personal appearance.

No matter your trade, it is important to have high freedom of movement throughout the working day. That’s why you’ll also find durable work trousers and work jackets from Mascot in Ultimate Stretch fabric. The material moves with you in all directions, giving you enhanced freedom of movement and comfort and, with most of the products in Ultimate Stretch benefitting from a water-repellent finish, they are also ideal for outdoor use.

Take care of your knees
If you spend a lot of time working in a kneeling position, it is crucial that you protect your knees. A pair of functional knee pads provides increased protection for your knees. In Mascot’s range you will find workwear trousers, bib & braces and coveralls that are compatible with kneepads. Mascot offers a wide size range and leg lengths so you can choose the right size of work trousers to suit you – and have your knee pockets in the right place.

Durable products
High durability is crucial when you are working at a fast pace, and Mascot has developed its own fabrics to be able to offer you the best products. Durability is assured with Cordura fabric on all the high usage places, such as kneepad pockets, holster pockets and ruler pockets. When you choose product with Cordura, you ensure that your work trousers and jackets last longer.

Workwear with responsibility
Durability is also a form of responsibility, not only benefiting you but also the environment. The production of workwear inevitably leaves a global imprint but, by producing workwear that lasts a long time, it eliminates the use of more raw material and energy and for you, the wearer, it also provides a more cost effective garment, as well as less products going to landfill.

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