HAIX has committed to increased levels of comfort, support and protection with the latest addition to its workwear range – the Trekker Pro 2.0.

Continuing its aim to take classic, trusted designs and increase both comfort and protection, HAIX has refreshed the look and performance of the Trekker Pro 2.0. Designed from the sole up to provide safety, durability and wearability, high-quality materials and advanced production processes make sure that the boot works with wearer.

The new rubber/PU walking sole unit is said to give firm traction across surfaces, combined with superior bending comfort and excellent insulation, while maintaining high wear-resistance. The lightweight metal midsole is puncture resistant, and works with the anatomically formed steel toe cap to protect from underfoot hazards and injuries from falling objects.

The dimensionally stable insole and HAIX CO system give wearers optimum pressure relief, cushioning and muscular support, ensuring correct foot posture – essential for maintaining comfort through long periods on your feet and minimising the risks of strains or foot injury.

Constructed from hydrophobic, breathable leather, the waterproof upper keeps feet dry, with Sun Reflect technology reflecting and reducing heat, keeping feet cooler. The GORE-TEX Performance inner lining maintains waterproofing while being highly breathable, ensuring wearer comfort through all seasons and long periods of wear. An added splash of colour gives the boots a new visual lift and helps improve visibility of the wearer.

“There are many key factors to consider when supporting wearers across the workwear sector, and HAIX has balanced all of these factors with the redesign of the Trekker Pro 2.0,” says Simon Ash, HAIX UK sales manager. “While safety and protection are a priority, comfort is king – it’s vital that wearers feel that their PPE is comfortable and supportive, as there’s nothing more distracting during a working day than ill-fitting footwear. The Trekker Pro 2.0 is the result of us listening to wearer feedback and re-working areas to provide even higher levels of protection and comfort, while maintaining trusted design elements that wearers have come to expect from HAIX.”

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