PRODUCT FOCUS: Grohe Smartbox

PRODUCT FOCUS: Grohe Smartbox

Grohe has unveiled its brand new Smartbox, an extension to the SmartControl shower line. The “Push, Turn, Shower” experience has now become even more diverse thanks to new models and combination options. In addition to the on-the-wall model, the new Smartbox offers a concealed behind-the-wall installation. For greater design variety, both the spray faces and the Smartbox concealed units are now also available in white.

Exposed or concealed
While using the same self-explanatory push-and-turn buttons as the on-the-wall SmartControl, it features a minimalist design and comes in a wide variety of options. Available in square and round designs as well as in chrome or white finishes, the new shower control system provides a solution for both any bathroom décor and for any installation point. Moreover, the XXL-sized Mono head shower is now also sold separately.

Coordinated or contrasting
The latest additions are designed to provide greater design freedom. In particular, the shower faces on the head showers and the concealed fittings are now available in white as well as chrome. This allows for coordination with the hand shower, which also features a white shower face. Alternatively, the chrome versions can be used to create design contrasts.

Smart and intuitive
Smartbox uses the latest German technology and is manufactured to the very highest standards of German workmanship, as encapsulated in the label “Made in Germany”. At its heart is the combined push-and-turn technology which gives users fingertip control of the head and hand shower’s different spray patterns, while allowing control of the water flow rate by rotating the buttons. The intuitive operation is helped by easy to understand pictographs. When the water is switched off, the system automatically memorises the chosen flow rate until the water is switched on again.

For a personalised shower experience, the Grohe Rainshower 360 Duo head shower combines the gentle PureRain or Rain O2 spray with the energising TrioMassage setting. The shower experience is completed by the Power&Soul hand shower, delivering flexibility. CoolTouch technology protects against scalding by preventing the chrome surfaces from heating up.

The SmartControl shower system has recently won the Green Good Design Award for its combination of stylish design and intuitive flow rate control. Entries to this award are rated not only on their design but also on aspects such as energy consumption, environmental friendliness and resource conservation.

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